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Christian Rijos founded Wear Aspirin. Christian’s family has a troublesome history of coronary heart disease and the idea behind Wear Aspirin is that chewing an aspirin at the first signs of a heart attack increase survivability by 30%. The problem, Christian recognized, was that no one had aspirin when they needed it. His company will make five-packs of tiny, “wearable” containers – they attach to cell phones, key fobs, golf ball markers and other items certain to be at hand. Christian tells people, “You’re not wearing aspirin for yourself…you’re wearing it to save someone else’s life.” Christian received an honorable mention at NFTE’s regional competition.
Alex Rogers has real passion for protecting the environment. His business, It’s a Green World After All, produces an all natural laundry detergent, and rather than fighting for super market shelf space, Alex markets his product through farmers’ markets that attract his perfect audience.
Jolivia is a concept conceived by Jazlin Valez, who recognized that nothing felt quite as soft as her newborn baby sister Jolivia’s skin. Jazlin’s company produces and sells very-high quality, artisan produced, lotions, creams and exfoliants that make older skin infant soft.
As a very small child, Erick Francisco spent a lot of time in hospitals…a whole lot of time. Now, his company Third Sky taps into the feelings of hospitalized youngsters. He encourages them to create drawings that give voice to their emotions. These original drawings are then reproduced on T-shirts with a generous portion of the proceeds donated to the families of the young artists.