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Mission, Goal & Program

The mission of The Met Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is to prepare high school students to be successful in college and in life by engaging them in the rigorous study of entrepreneurship.  The goal of the program is to create the best entrepreneurship program in the country for high school students.

The Met's Entrepreneurship 360 (E360) course is a 60-hour program for students, supported by NFTE, during which they learn about concepts and the skills necessary to create and design a business. Then, as a culminating piece, students write a business plan. Students in The Met’s E360 program learn and/or sharpen their skills in the areas of work ethics, self-motivation, determination, confidence, perseverance and the ability to take measured risk. Presently there are two classes of 15 students at the Providence Campus and a class of 10 at the East Bay campus. The classes meet three days a week, 2 hours a day for 15 weeks, and cover all aspects of starting a business using NFTE’s curriculum. In addition, students participate in Business Plan Competitions which reflect how real-world learning ignites student passion, learning and success. “We connect our students to entrepreneurs, and through E 360 they develop the tools they need to be innovators and entrepreneurs in the 21st century” says Dennis Littky. Successful business plan competition students are funded and advance to E Ventures which consists of two hour workshops each week where students work with coaches and mentors to advance their business concepts.