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You - Single, Emeline Easton

“You” by Emeline Easton. It was top 10 in the iTunes Singer/Songwriter category for a few days. iTunes:
The track is also available on her website:

Saving Grace, Gracelyn

“Last Tuesday, my original song, Like We Used To Do, was played on the radio in Nashville! On the same day, my entire CD, Saving Grace was released on iTunes. Tuesday was such a productive and amazing day. I emailed Keith, who is the guy who has the radio segment that played my song, to say thank you. I mentioned in the email that I would go down to Nashville one day to thank him in person. He emailed me back and said if I could get a date, that I could be on the show. Long story short, I was asked to be a guest on his radio station. I will also be a guest on their sistering TV station. On that TV station, a couple of my music videos, which will be shot down there, will be played on the TV as well.” – Grace

Links to my CD:

(you can also just type ‘Saving Grace’ into itunes and it should come up)